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Here's a better explanation of my question.

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asked Dec 13, 2019 in Studio One 4 by bobrichard (730 points)

In answer to my previous question wahlerstudio     wrote: 

1. No, but 128 tracks or so are no fun anymore.

2. Not sure what you mean. You use an I/O matrix for each song, which by default is patched 1:1 (channel 1 -> track 1 -> channel 1), but you can change any settings and based on that you can select input source and output destination for each track in Studio One.

(1) You answered my first question "No", meaning that Studio One is not limited to 32 physical I/O channels. Then how can I access the 33rd through 44th channels of my interface?

 (2) Here's what I mean in my second question. My RME Digiface has 26 channels, named ADAT 1 through ADAT 24 and S/PDIF 1 through 2. The Audio I/O Setup dialog shows me all 18 of the Multiface II inputs plus the first 14 ADAT channels on the Digiface, for a total of 32. That's all it shows me. If I want to send audio to gear hooked up to (for example) the S/PDIF I/O on the Digiface, it looks like I am out of luck. Is that correct?

Thanks again.

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answered Dec 13, 2019 by wahlerstudios (103,660 points)
Studio One is not limited to 32 physical inputs, this depends on the audio interface. The StudioLive mixers have a 64x64 USB matrix, but only the StudioLive 64S is able to record 64 tracks simultaneously.

Sorry, I'm no expert for interfaces with ADAT. As far as I know, ADAT devices can be daisy-chained, but that would probably not increase the number of inputs. There seem not to be experts here for ADAT questions, so wouldn't it make sense to ask the question in the Facebook group?
asked Dec 13, 2019 in Studio One 4 by bobrichard (730 points) Physical I/O channels, part 3