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Not a question but a few suggestions to make Studio One better.

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asked May 15, 2023 in Editing by srejiche (130 points)
edited May 16, 2023 by srejiche
Hello, I'm not a studio one user neither do I own studio one. I was thinking of switching to studio one but it's lacking a few things in my opinion.
1. (Individual Midi Panning) As a Dancehall/Trap producer and I know most producers will agree to this... Individual midi panning is essential for music production. Being able to adjust the panning of any midi notes as how we do with velocity would be a nice improvement.

2. (Time Stretch) Studio One needs a better time Stretching algorithm. The current one is not "clean" enough for what producers need... in my opinion. Using melodyne  sounds better but that's an extra step.

3. (Pitch Bend) Pitch bending in the piano roll needs to be improved so producers can easily and accurately pitch bend to a note. Slides/glides are essential in music production in my opinion.

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