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Hide or Redesign Toolbar in VST instruments, effects.

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asked Dec 14, 2019 in Look and Feel by juliusjonker1 (1,000 points)

Lately I've been switching back and forth between using Studio One 4 and Ableton Live to produce my music. One of the joys of working within Ableton is the sleek and clean look & feel of the software.

The layout of the Studio One toolbar is not optimal to say the least. Often it adds between 7% to 10% of height to the VST window while most of this space is not used/empty (functional space highlighted in blue, useless space in orange)

Compared to VST windows in Ableton, this is an eyesore to return to:

> In conclusion:

I suggest one of two options:
1. the toolbar is in need of a redesign with the functions being displayed in a more horizontal nature.
2. the option to hide the toolbar should be made available.

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answered Jan 17 by davidviera1 (380 points)
Yesss please! Many of us work with small screens on laptops for example and is very need have space... Also I think that aestethic design...many plugins (as Bus Glue or Waves) are smaller than this toolbar, then a grey background covers the rest of the window...

Check the design of LOGIC or FL STUDIO...more clean about