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Add more power to MASTER OUT and line out FLEX Mix to Studiolive32 III connect to 32R stage box

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asked Jan 2 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by lucadisiro (180 points)
Hi !

My question is :

it is possible to increase the output volume on master out and flex mix with studiolive 32 III mixer connected with stage 32R.

Let me explain better, you are advised that it is pre input volumes in order to have a signal that does not send in channel saturation by flashing clips on the input signaling vumeter. By doing this then keeping the volume pre so that it gives -4 db on a vumenter scale, it happens that the outputs (whatever they are) do not have enough power to drive the amplification rack, this is because even on individual outputs we have volume with a maximum level of -4db ...... this means not being able to exploit the power of the amplifiers to the maximum.
The right thing would be to have more margin on outputs to ensure that I get -4db in inputs and outputs at 0db or even + 2db

This is feasible without resorting to analogue preamps before power amplifiers.

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answered Jan 3 by danielsievert (11,320 points)
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I would personally like to know that the level I see on my output meter is the level going to the amplifier.  Reference levels are important.

Could I suggest that if you want a higher level output from each mix you could boost the level in its compressor's gain compensation?

Additionally, if you don't want to add any more gain on the pre's and you want to keep your faders at or below unity you could also use the compressor gain compensation on the input channels as well...
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answered Jan 3 by lucadisiro (180 points)
We will try what is recommended and let you know.

We noticed this because during live performances with bands of famous singers like DIK DIK, Antonio Forcione, Costanzo Del Pinto (vocalist DODY BATTAGLIA) etc. we have often been forced to maximize the fader levels especially of the Flax mixes (which drive the power monitors of the flor monitors).

However we will test as indicated by you!
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answered Jan 3 by wahlerstudios (104,410 points)
I am wondering a little bit what the problem could be. It is indeed true that the outputs of the 32R in stagebox mode are not equally loud as the mixer's direct outputs, but the difference is marginal (maybe -0.5 dB). There is also a little latency, which you don't hear under normal circumstances.

Assuming that the rack mixer (in Stagebox Mode) is directly connected via a CAT5e/CAT6 network cable, there should be enough volume available on all outputs. All outputs anyway have a Fat Channel and therefore Make Up Gain in the compressor, if there really would be the need to increase volume. The word "power monitors" always implies adjustable inputs and I guess the problem is simply there. Turn inputs and outputs of the monitors up and take any gain reduction away. I believe this will lead to a solution. ;-)