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Reverse Sort in Drum and Pattern Editors

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asked May 25, 2018 in Patterns by Funkybot (21,440 points)
The Drum and Pattern Editors would both benefit form a "Reverse Sort" feature. When working with drums, I want kicks at the bottom, snares above those, then toms, hats, and cymbals. This way the drum sort matches up with the pitch of the drums, and is similar to standard music/drum notation.

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answered May 25, 2018 by AlexTinsley (902,840 points)
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answered May 26, 2018 by robertgray3 (37,590 points)
Excellent idea!

I can see why someone may have gone with the reversed-order but now that I’m using and working with it it just feels awkward :)
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answered Jun 5, 2018 by DrummaMan (2,720 points)
VERY awkward...

The piano roll view has lower notes (kick drum) at the bottom, yet when you switch to edit drum notes, it's flipped, so

the kick is at the top??!

At least a "flip" button is in order to put it all back in the more logical (piano roll) order, eh?

Here's to seeing it in 4.1 - cheers!
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answered Sep 28, 2019 by Contrust (3,170 points)

Absolutely needed yes

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answered Sep 23 by rennyschweiger (250 points)
I just purchased Studio One Artist v5 after using Prime v3 for 3 years to edit MIDI for bass and drums for a Beatbuddy pedal. I now open my brand new paid version of Artist and the order is UPSIDE DOWN!! Lowest bass note at the top??? Kick drum at the top and cymbals at the bottom??? WHAT GIVES? This is clearly a stupid decision.

Any idea when this massive mistake will be corrected? Or at least a button put somewhere to reverse sort the notes??