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How do I access piano roll on atom after using pattern sequencer on another track?

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asked Apr 23, 2019 in Atom Pad Controllers by hunterhewitt (160 points)
At the start of a session I'm able to select an instrument track and the piano roll pops up on my atom pads so I can play the instrument live. However, after using the atom as a sequencer in a separate drum pattern track, I am unable to get the piano roll to appear once i switch back to the original instrument track. So essentially if right now if I want to use the piano roll on the atom I can only do so prior to working with the step sequencer on my drum tracks.

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answered Apr 24, 2019 by landensevario1 (1,960 points)
selected Apr 24, 2019 by landensevario1
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When using the ATOM Pad Controller natively in Studio One, Drum Mode is the default setting for Instrument Tracks. This can be a road block for users who wish to utilize the Keyboard Mode that is available when using the controller as a standalone device.

There is a way to change these modes when the ATOM is connected as an external device in Studio One. The steps outlined below will guide you through the process of selecting these modes manually in Studio One.

1. Click on Edit in the bottom right corner of Studio One.


2. Select the Instrument Track you wish to edit.


3. In the left side of the Edit window next to the instrument name, there is a drum icon for Drum Mode and a piano icon for Melodic Mode or Keyboard Pad Mode.


4. Selecting the piano icon will change the Pad Mode to Keyboard Mode for that instrument track. Selecting the drum icon will change the Pad Mode to Drum Mode for that instrument track.