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Does Notion handwriting with digital pen work on MS Surface Pro 3 - Like StaffPad??

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asked Jan 28, 2016 in Notion Feature Requests by michaelpyne (240 points)
recategorized Feb 23, 2016 by AlexTinsley
Nothing further required - its a straight forward question - but given that you have only recently added handwriting tool to the iPad, I will be quite surprised if I can't use your handwriting tool on a MS Surface Pro3. Particularly since StaffPad will only work on the Surface Pro platform because of its superior power.

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answered Feb 23, 2016 by AlexTinsley (906,480 points)
selected Feb 23, 2016 by michaelpyne
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No. However this will make a great feature request. Moving this question to that area.
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answered Jun 2, 2017 by elerouxx (1,650 points)
I own a Surface Pro, first generation, and the included digital wacom pen works with Notion's handwriting very well on that computer. I don't see why this would change in Sp3 or further so my guess is that YES, it works.
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answered Sep 28, 2017 by lukesimoneau (430 points)
I have a Surface Pro 4 and I purchased both Notion and Staffpad. I can tell you categorically that, right now at least, Notion's handwriting recognition destroys Staffpad's. I can't stand using Staffpad anymore.