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My iMac keeps freezing and shutting down

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asked Jan 9 in Studio One 4 by paulstibal (130 points)
edited Jan 9 by paulstibal
I just replaced my old mac with a 2015 iMac I7 4Ghz with 16G ram and a 2TB fusion drive.  The replacement mac keeps freezing and shutting down with Studio One (latest 4 version)

It came loaded with Catalina and it kept freezing so I took it back to Mojave to see if that would help.  It has not made any difference.  Sometimes it freezes right away.  Sometimes it takes 5 minutes but it seems to consistently freeze.

Is there something I could be doing wrong or is there something wrong with this mac I just purchased.  

Thanks for any information.

Day 2:  Now, almost every time I go to close a plug in the program crashes and restarts.

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