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Specific song won't export; rendering bar won't progress after 40 second mark?

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asked Jan 9 in Studio One 4 by colemanwilliams (160 points)
40 seconds into exporting the mixdown, the progress bar stops moving entirely and the expected rendering time increases at a steady rate. I really need to get this song finished for my upcoming album release. Please help.

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answered Jun 24 by garymaguire (11,420 points)
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Please disable any third party plugins you may enabled on the 'Main Out' and test the export again.

If that resolves the issue please re-activate one by one to see what could be causing the issue.
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answered May 9 by zeitlupe (670 points)
Did you find a solution for that? Im facing exactly the same problem on ONE specific song.
Other sessions are doing well.
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answered Jun 24 by philipjonientz (150 points)
edited Jun 24 by philipjonientz
Experiencing the same problem, one particular song, after I deleted a range section, the mixdown simply gets stuck after a few seconds.

EDIT: The actual problem seemed to be caused by another application (Chromium based web browser "Brave Beta") running in the background.