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How to record acoustic guitar using two mics onto two tracks simultaniously

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asked Jan 9 in Studio One 3 by joelshirey (160 points)
Using Studio 68c. Can I use two mics to record an acoustic guitar onto two separate tracks (one for each mic)? Want to mix each mic separately but I can not figure out how to set this up. I have tried selecting different inputs for each mic but don't get separation of mics....

I see Youtube vids of people doing this to solve acoustic guitar recording issues. Would like to try this if Studio One 3 is capable. Running windows 10

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answered Jan 10 by matthewritenburg (4,510 points)

Insert two mono audio tracks. Attach 1 mic to Input 1 and attach the other mic to Input 2.  Assign Input1/L to one of the mono audio tracks and assign Input2/R to the other mono audio track.

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answered Jan 13 by joelshirey (160 points)
Just adding two mono tracks and assigning L and R to mics doesn't create two recordable tracks. They both will still record on one track.


In audio setup add two mono inputs. Then click the Track tab at the top of the screen, choose 'add tracks for all inputs'. Then delete any input track you do not want such as 'Stereo'. Now when you record it will record each mic separately on different tracks allowing you to mix and add effects independent of the other.