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Why can't I change the Tempo Track Range ?

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asked Jan 9 in Studio One 4 by Seanomatic (190 points)

Why are the Tempo Ranges "Locked" - even though they are not actually locked? I cannot change the Max BPM range from 400? When I double click in the max tempo box and try to change it, it simply repopulates "400". Help?

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answered Jan 17 by tothrec (10,040 points)
I'd guess it is because you are trying to change the min or max to a value outside what the project is currently using.

For example:  you have tempo automation setting the first verse to 60bpm and some more setting the first chorus to 350bpm.

It wouldn't make sense to let you set the min to 80 or the max to 300 since the existing data still needs to be visible.