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ampire not working

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asked Jan 11 in Studio One 4 by martinkeranov (180 points)

When I put Ampire in the mixer it's just starting to give a very quiet eerie sound, and it's not working. I have my recording and the blue sound button turned on. My Headphones and cables are ok, because I can hear the dry sound perfectly. I've tried to adjust the volumes and everything on my Audiobox/Guitar/Studio One Setting. Also when I tried to record there was an almost unhearable sound, but now there isn't any. It worked the other day perfectly, but yesterday and today It isn't.

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answered Jan 17 by tothrec (10,680 points)
Where in the Mixer are you putting Ampire?  It's a guitar/bass effect that you'd normally put in a track.
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answered Jan 26 by kenthompson2 (200 points)
Martin, I'm having the same issue as well.  Did you manage to get it working?  It's driving me nuts.  The dry sound comes through fine but I can't apply any amps.  Please let me know what you did to fix it.

asked Jan 26 in Studio One 4 by martinkeranov (180 points)
closed Jan 26 by martinkeranov
Hey Ken! I've managed to get it working.
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answered Jan 26 by martinkeranov (180 points)
Hey Ken
I've managed to get it working, when I switched the place on the audiobox where I plugged in the guitar.  Let me know if that works for you too!