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Ampire standalone

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asked Jan 23, 2020 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by (190 points)
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I use S1 4.6 on a HP i7 with Win10, 12Gb ram and 1Tb SSD via Studio 192 mobile.  When recording Guitar through ampire vst into projects with several VSTsoftsynths/VST bass/VST drums, the latency is annoying when monitoring. I cant use buffersize less than 1024 without crackles and pops.

My solutiion is to use my old Line6 UX card via their standalone PodFarm2 (with absolutely NO latency - since the podfarm sends its monitoring signal to the line outputs In front of the DAW) - and record the dry signal into S1. (But monitor it with effects) Then I can add Ampire VST (or other amp vst’s) in the mix afterwards to tweak the sound.

My wish is to be able to do this with Ampire. A stand alone Ampire app ahead of S1 (but read/control settings on the VST inside S1 if present on the recording channel - just like i see it works with the UC-integration). I have tried running Podfarm standalone with my Studio192 Interface - but see hangups and crashes.

Wouldnt it be a great idea? It would also make my PC/Interface a great gigging amp without having S1 running - just like i often do with my Line6 Podfarm/UX.

Best regards - Anders - Narvik, Norway

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