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help me how to do it (sorry im not good at english

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asked Jan 18 in Studio One 4 by (120 points)
hello i install studio one 4 prime but my computer have error so i delete it and i want to do install it again

but in my profile it dont have product key so i cant do it anymore please help me

i want to do this program for my free time thank you

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answered Jan 19 by johnellard (2,940 points)
1. Login to

2. Click on MyProducts.

3. You should see Prime, including your Product Key, but if you activate it online I don't think it will ask you for it.

4. Download the installer.

5. Install Prime

6. Under the Studio One menu, select:  Studio One Activation...

Follow the on-screen instructions. making sure you select Activate Online

NOTE: You should only need the Product Key if you try to activate offline.