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Additional guitar notation

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asked Jan 19, 2020 in Notion Feature Requests by simonrichards1 (260 points)
Is there a way to specify left hand muting (where the left hand pulls off to dampen the string as soon as the note sounds?).  I can see there is palm muting (right hand muting the strings) where is puts PM above the notes.  Perhaps just another option like that would work although if the playback could also shorten the note it would be better and ideally the notes would be shown on the tab as x with a box around.

Is there a way to specify a string bend where there a multiple bends of the same note?   

Also I think it has been asked before but could you allow a slide to a grace note, currently it ignores the grace note and makes the slide go to the next main (not grace) note.

If these are not implemented in Notion 6 could they be considered for a future version please?



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