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Can I bounce to a track that I designate?

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asked Jan 20 in Studio One 4 by robbblanchette (360 points)

Like everyone else, I have a few "go to" virtual instruments.

I want to set up a template with my "goto" effects for those instruments (sends/inserts) on blank tracks.  (For instance: I like to brighten up a grand piano, so I have an EQ set up with a high shelf, and use Waves' Greg Wells Piano Centric, as well as a send to a reverb and a sometimes a tight delay.)  When I bounce my virtual instrument from MIDI to audio, I want it to go directly to the track that has the right FX already set up.

I know I can "bounce to new track" and then drag the audio data to the track I where I want that information to be, but It's extra steps with moving and the cleanup afterwards.

In my last DAW I could designate where I wanted to bounce to.

Any suggestions?

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