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Two Midi inputs being triggered at once. All other sounds turned off

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asked Jan 22, 2020 in Studio One 4 by paytonadams (310 points)
I'm using a yamaha mx88 to input MIDI piano using the Presence on Studio one.  Whenever i play a key, a bass clarinet that's a step below an octave plays at the same time.  No matter what i do that other sound is there.  I even removed all of the presence tracks completely. not a single VST was on the track and that sound would still play.  I tried muting them, disabling them, completely removing them to no avail.  It won't record the other sound, but it makes it hard to record obviously and the other sound also has a huge amount of latency on it.  i've tried reconnecting the instruments, restarting studio one and still nothing.

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