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VST all going off at once

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asked May 2, 2019 in Studio One 4 by adlerscreur (120 points)
I am still knew to studio one 4 and it is the first daw I have ever used. After making my first "song" (currently unfinished).  after returning to said song I realized all the midi instruments where going off at once when hitting notes on my keyboard. Im using a necktar impact lx88 as my input and have searched dozens of forms and videos to try and figure this out.

 To be more clear while studio one is open (not recording) and im looking/testing an instrument from the artist instruments, other instrments that I have already drawn notes for are making sound at the same time as the newly selected instrument. im unsure if this is because I only have Artist or not but I would like to purchase the full version in the future if this issue can be resolved. thanks            -Adler

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