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Open all plug-in GUIs at once for channel

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asked Jan 22, 2020 in Instruments and Plug-Ins by gianpaolopizziol (2,260 points)
Please add an option or key command to open all plug-ins for a specific channel at once. The single tabbed or pin per plug workflow isn't always whats wanted.

There are times where I want to either see multiple plug-ins side by side or gain stage between plug-ins where having multiple (or all) open would be helpful.

Yes, I can pin plug-ins but if it's something I do often (eg gain staging the master channel through various plug-ins and want to open 3 or more at a time) a simple key command to 'open all plug-ins on channel' would be a huge time saver.

Please consider. It's something I used a lot as a former Cubase user.

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