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Key Command Groups

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asked Feb 25 in Editing by helmerikatava (210 points)
The ability to select which set of Key Commands are active. When I bring new multitracks to template and drag the Events on corresponding Tracks I will probably rename some of them. So my Key Command Group 1 could have Rename as cmnd+R and I could name that Group "Arrangement". Now after I've settled with the tracks I might go do some Editing on them. I'll select my Key Command Group 2 (renamed "Editing") and that cmnd+R will now Reverse the Event instead of Rename it. And "Activate Key Command Group 1..2..3.." should be mappable as well so you don't have to click anywhere to Activate them.

This way all of the favourite and most used Commands can be accessible from shorter distance and you don't have to map anything to the other side of the keyboard. Under the Wrench there could be the option to "Enable Key Command Groups" so the veterans who don't want to change a thing don't have to worry about them.

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