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Receiving Signal from the mixer but will not record using the USB cable

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asked Jan 23 in Studio One 4 by michaelgrimes1 (160 points)
Everything seems to work correctly except recording when using the USB cable. Using the RCA to mic in and headphones out  works through the mixer fine.

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answered Jan 23 by tothrec (6,610 points)
If using USB you'll want to go into audio settings (CTRL [Period] ) and verify your input and output configuration.
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answered Jan 23 by michaelgrimes1 (160 points)
I did that. I am actually getting a signal from the microphone into to meters but when I record nothing is being recorded. I can play back a recording so I know that is set up correctly and the mic output shows that to  be correct as well. As I said I can change it back the using the RCA cables at it records that way. I have tried on two different computers to so I must be missing something.