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NSB 16.8 after bootup/sync, channels 1-8 on stagebox not receiving audio signal, but channels 9-16 consistently do

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asked Dec 14, 2023 in Networked Stage Box by ghoxqesc (170 points)
I have a NSB16.8 that has been working flawlessly for 2 years. My band has grown and given me feedback on channel setup and groupings to make it easier for them to mix their own sound so I went ahead and created a new scene and reconfigured I/O on the NSB16.8 and making sure the Studiolive 32R its connected to is using "internal" for network clock. Upon bootup, there would be times when channels 1-8 on the stagebox which are my drum mics wouldn't be receiving audio. I would check the routing, gain settings and all of that and everything is at it should be. I'm confident in my setup because channels 9-16 which are guitars and keyboards are working just fine consistently. Also confirmed good quality Cat 6 cable that meet Presonus's standards and good link lights.

To get audio working on channels 1-8 I would go into UC Surface and change the sample rate from 48k to 44.1k, stage box goes green then blue and then all is well. I've never had to do that when I initially set these up years ago so why the issues now?

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answered Feb 3 by robertweston2 (7,470 points)
Looks like there is sample rate issue between the console and the stagebox.  The sample rate for everything should be at 48kHz.  To make sure your NSB is set to 48k, follow this:

1. Power of the NSB.  Without anything connected to the console, set the console sample rate to 48kHz.  Once completed, power the console off.

2. Connect everything up as you would normally would and power all equipment on.

3.  With everything connected and running, set the sample rate of your console to 44.1k.  A message should appear indicating the console needs to reset... this is normal.

4.  Once the console has reset (it not power off), set its sample rate back to 48k.  Same message should appear.  

5.  Once the console is reset (at 48k), power off the NSB for about 30 seconds... then power back on.

6.  The NSB should now be set to work at 48k (not 44.1k).  Once the NSB is booted, allow the NSB and console to sync; blue light should appear when ready (it may take a little longer to sync on the initial change).