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Crackling sound during playback with low CPU usage and high block size

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asked Jan 26 in Studio One 4 by nickperry (810 points)
I recently switched from an Audient ID44 to a StudioLive 32 series III mixer for my audio interface. I never really had any crackling issues with the Audient, although I know there are a million threads on the subject. However, I am now experiencing it with the StudioLive mixer. I am playing a recording of 4 external synths (no virtual instruments) with only the Fat channel as a plugin and the Performance meter in Studio One is just touching the very first bar (so very low). I changed the Device Block Size up to 2048 samples, which is the highest I could go. I am still getting crackling, which makes no sense to me. I tried listening through one speaker at a time to make sure it wasn't a coincidental timing issue with a speaker or cable going bad, but it happened on both speakers. Any advice on something else I should try?

I am running a Windows 10 64 bit PC with Intel Core i7, 2.6 ghz, with 16 gb RAM.

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answered Jan 26 by nickperry (810 points)
Some more info... I recorded a simple drum machine and 2 synth ditty on the SL32 and played it back and had zero cracking problems. I wouldn't think recording on one interface and playing back on another would cause issues would it? Is that a thing?