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Using computer speakers and monitors

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asked Jan 28, 2020 in Studio One 4 by paulrogers8 (120 points)
I am a new user.

Is it possible to use your computers speakers for watching videos while using Studio One 4 and a Studio 24C interface with monitors and headphones?. I like to watch tutorial videos while having Studio One 4 running.

If not, can you route the sound from your computer (like youtube or saved videos) to your Studio 24C to monitors/headphones?

I may be missing something but when Studio One 4 is running no other sounds except those coming from the program or Studio 24C can be heard.

Windows 10, Studio One 4 Pro, Studio 24C

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answered May 6, 2021 by stephendipaola (170 points)
did you ever get an answer - i want to hear/see  youtube instructions while playing guitar through Studio 24c - so either computer sound going out of 24c or routing 24c/studio one to computer output.