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Faderport 8 with Logic: New user and not understanding some of the behaviors

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asked Jun 5, 2020 in FaderPort 8 by paulpugh (120 points)

I am a new user with the product and don't really understand why it does certain things. Any help and guidance is much appreciated.

Setup: Logic Pro, macOS Catalina, UA Apollo Twin

1) When I am playing back from Logic if I touch a slider on the Faderport the volume surges, just touching the slider, not moving it. I have the "touch to select track" turned off in Logic.

2) I have automation turned off in Logic, but when I am recording, if I nudge up a track volume the Faderport will reset the track volume to the value it was before I started recording

3) After recording and hitting stop all of the sliders reset to the arrangement I assume was pre-recording. Sometime this arrangement no longer reflects what is on the screen in logic. This is super annoying. I keep thinking there is volume automation happening somewhere but I can't find any on the track and believe I have all automation turned off in logic. Does the Faderport have its own automation memory? Help!

Thank you!

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