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A total newbie: Re mastering.

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asked Feb 4 in Studio One 4 by johnwashington (180 points)
Hello everyone,

I have just purchased Faderport MK 2 and it has come with Studio One Artist 4. I was pretty much set on using reaper but now, having this option it has made me change my mind and try Studio One. However, when I see the comparison chart on different products it shows that in order to master songs I will have to upgrade to a pro version.

Can someone explain what, in reality, this means as it may make me stick with Reaper.

Sorry for newbie question

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answered Feb 8 by tothrec (6,470 points)
I haven't used Reaper, so I don't know what mastering capabilities it provides.

Here are some to look for:

1. ability to assign a CD track number to a set of stereo WAV files,

2. define the silence in between the tracks

3. apply affects to each track and/or the whole set of them

4. burn the set of tracks to a CD

5. create a DDP image

6. use a collection of representations of the audio typically used during mastering:
a. phase corrolation
b. various forms of loudness analysis (K-12, PkRMS, EBU R128)