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asked Jan 27 in Studio One 4 by ucifehaul (470 points) 1 flag
I'm sick and tired of this peace of **** crashing and not functioning properly i have lost away to many projects to the point where im sick of this daw, i own the artist version and i've been having bugs glitches and crashes so i thought i would try the professional version maybe that will make the daw function better but no its the same ******* bullshit this is ridiculous.



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answered Jan 27 by aka_busker (25,600 points)
Dude.  Contact support and have some manners about you when you do.
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answered Jan 27 by ucifehaul (470 points)
I have done that already stop telling me to do things that are not helping, i cant be peaceful when i'm putting time and effort into projects and studio one decides to crash out of nowhere, they shouldn't be selling the software if its not working properly
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answered Feb 3 by aka_busker (25,600 points)
Dude.  We who answer are generally users of the software not support.  You have basically insulted everyone who took the time to read your vitriolic post.  There is no need to be swearing to get your point across.  Support will be able to help you, but you need to check that attitude at the door and have some respect for them and by extension, those users who are offering their free time to answer you in the answers section.  Here's a pro tip - list your p.c. specs and your DAW version number when asking the community for help.  Another pro tip - if you are struggling to run the artist version it stands to reason that you will also experience issues running Pro.   Pro is not a magic bullet for problem solving.  It still requires the same specs as the artist version.  Also, you're a version behind the supported (i.e. going to be updated) version.  There will be no more bug fixes or feature or Q.O.L. updates for version 4.  
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answered Feb 3 by aka_busker (25,600 points)
Oh, and another pro tip.  Instead of google drive for sharing videos of your issue, use youtube.  There is no way I am downloading anything from your personal drive on google.   You already have a youtube account because you have a google account.  With the video on youtube you may get helpful comments on your video, it would be easy to share it with support, etc, etc.  Your approach is completely wrong and very unlikely to get you more advice than "contact support and use your manners".  
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answered Feb 3 by ucifehaul (470 points)
Are you a dong dong? How am i offending you when im literally talking about the daw not functioning the bad words are blurred , i have contacted the support having these issues and they don't help at all i have the latest version of studio one 4 & i have tried studio one 5 professional i have the minimal requirements to run the program stop trying to be a smart guy its not only me that is having these issues go and search on google studio one crashes - bugs and you will find a lot of users that have related issues. The google drive link that i posted you can just watch the video there is no need for you to download anything im not gonna be creating youtube videos upload them and hope that someone sees it and helps for literally something that i have paid this is ridiculous
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answered Feb 16 by markgould (160 points)
Hey, man. I'm really sorry you're having trouble with S1. I have had issues too but not on your scale. The thing is, one shouldn't take any notice of the minimum specs for ANY DAW because they really are misleading. I had to upgrade my PC to a Ryzen 3600 with 32Gb of RAM before S1 would run the kind of music I am writing. I'm not saying I advise you do similar, but having a speedy CPU with many threads and as much RAM as you can afford/mobo will allow, will make your experience of this software much more satisfying.

I really hope things work out for you. \m/