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Where did the Output meter mode go?

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asked Feb 8 in StudioLive Series III by elindsey (190 points)
edited Feb 14 by elindsey
Coming from a StudioLive 16.4.2 and a 16.4.2 AI, I'm looking for the Series III equivalent of the Output meter mode (and it's companion modes, Input, GR, and Aux). I used Output when running karaoke to quickly visually mix four microphones to approximately even levels without having to try and figure out which color microphone each person was using. This feature used to be available on the board but since the Series III doesn't include full individual meters like the older boards do, I imagine having this in hardware won't be feasible. Still, I'd expect to be able to pull it up in UC Surface since it was a feature of Universal Control. Does anybody know where to find this?

EDIT: I know how to set the View to Metering, but this still only shows input meters on input channels. I am looking for the Output, GR, and Aux meter modes on input channels, a feature which was available in Universal Control and which I cannot find in UC Surface.

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answered Feb 14 by jonnydoyle (337,900 points)
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In UC-Surface or Universal control you can set the view to be metering.