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Which midi keyboard for S1 - Nektar Panorama T6 vs Studiologic SL73 + Atom

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asked Feb 9 in Studio One 4 by alesasenberger (120 points)
edited Feb 10 by alesasenberger
Hi guys,

I would need some help which of the next 2 midi keyboards options would work better in S1? Nektar Panorama T6, since I heard that Nektar now offers great integration with S1   VS   Studiologic SL73+Atom for pads and Daw control. I plan to use keyboard moustly for recording synth pads, strings, some NI Noire piano, and for composing film music using lots of Eduardo Tarilonte samples. I was also thinking of NI KK S61 mk2, but its out of my budget. So what do you say, T6 or Studiologic + Atom, Thanks for help!!!

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