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Studiologic SL 73 Midi Keyboard will not record properly in Studio One

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asked Dec 1, 2022 in Studio One 6 by ronramos1 (120 points)
I have Studiologic SL 73 connected via usb. Studio One see's the keyboard. I can get it to play the sounds I have loaded but when I try to record all I get is garbled or broken sound on the track. It was this way in Version 5 when I first tried to resolve the problem and it hasn't changed in Version 6. I have to use Reaper to record my keyboard tracks, Render and then bring them back into Studio One. Sometimes I just stay in Reaper. It's a shame that many of Studiologic's keyboards don't work in Studio One. To my knowledge this has been a problem for quite a while now and it doesn't seem either company is too concerned about it.

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answered Dec 15, 2022 by chogeunhyon (140 points)

I used to be, too. I'm using Studio One 6. I deleted it after installing another DAW (cubase), and it was resolved. I don't know why. Works well in Studio One now.