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Empty layers after loop recording (SO4.6 Pro)

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asked Feb 11, 2020 in Recording by cdricblanqui (7,530 points)
Hi everyone,

Got a problem while loop recording vocals with layers.

I had to stop recording in a middle of a take (singer question). And then when i started again (from the beginning of the loop) i had some empty layers on the track ...!

is that a bug or a limitation about layers ?

Should i start a new track in this case ?

Thanks. C.

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answered Jun 3, 2020 by Motoxxx (310 points)
I have had the same issue multiple times. Letting a musician in my commercial studio track takes over and over again only to stop and see none of it was recorded...or if there was 5 takes played, only one being recorded and the others are blank but the layers expand as if there is music there...but there isn't.....
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answered Nov 15, 2020 by tomaszzapalski (580 points)
Same issue here in SO 5.1, what's wrong with this program? I actually add new track to the song and still have the same issue, only last take is recorded and everything before is gone.
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answered Apr 28, 2021 by cbocast (140 points)
This has just started happening to me randomly with Studio One 4.6.1. This is maddening, and it doesn't look like anyone has bothered to address this. If I expand the bit of initial audio that I recorded before the loop, all the takes are there - laterally recorded on one track, totally out of place and useless.

It doesn't look like Studio 5 has fixed this. This is a total deal breaker. Looks like it's time to kick Studio One to the curb and get a different software package.
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answered Feb 11, 2022 by ildefonsoramirez (410 points)

same issue but if i make the loop longer or shorter some times it starts recording layers otherwise i have to restart

presonus stop adding funccionality until you FIX this issuesangry