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Empty layers after loop recording (SO4.6 Pro)

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asked Feb 11 in Recording by cdricblanqui (6,340 points)
Hi everyone,

Got a problem while loop recording vocals with layers.

I had to stop recording in a middle of a take (singer question). And then when i started again (from the beginning of the loop) i had some empty layers on the track ...!

is that a bug or a limitation about layers ?

Should i start a new track in this case ?

Thanks. C.

1 Answer

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answered Jun 3 by Motoxxx (270 points)
I have had the same issue multiple times. Letting a musician in my commercial studio track takes over and over again only to stop and see none of it was recorded...or if there was 5 takes played, only one being recorded and the others are blank but the layers expand as if there is music there...but there isn't.....