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RE: What is your "use case"?

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asked Feb 14 in Studio One 4 by joekulick (140 points)
I'm in a studio setting recording large groups in an auditorium (using a StudioLive24 series 3). Often times I will record rehearsals and run-throughs (hence the need for the monitoring), however during moments when recording isn't happening I'm woking on preliminary mastering elements causing me to have to turn off the monitoring function. While it's doable to unarm every track so I don't hear what is currently on stage, having many channels to arm and disarm takes some time and is another step to do in the workflow.

Maybe there's a user defined key I can assign? or simply a setting that allows muting monitoring during playback?

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answered Feb 16 by tothrec (10,680 points)
I'd create a new group that contains all of the tracks then hit "U" to toggle monitoring or "R" to toggle Armed for Recording.

Would that work for you?