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Mouse default functions

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asked Feb 21 in Editing by louisgonzales2 (660 points)
I am trying Studio One out again coming from Samplitude Pro (10yrs) and while I like the modern GUI and plethora of features there are a few things that I would like to see....

* Double Click on mouse to return params to unity.

* Mouse wheel scroll to navigate in arranger window vertical and horizontal.

* Add a Peak Meter window with docking capabilities. I am aware of the plug in and being able to pin it to the screen but it seems much more natural to have it docked in the main window.

* Tighten up the midi drawing... Its kind of irritating that I have to zoom in or make sure the cursor is exactly at the begining of each block to properly place the event. Moving the erase function to right click would be great too.

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