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Can Quantum 2626 operate in standalone mode (w/o computer)

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asked Feb 26, 2020 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by akivilkman (200 points)
Hi, just got my interface. Soundwise I'm very happy, but is it really so that it can't work in standalone mode? I don't mean recording, just playback. In my home setup I don't have space for mixer, and assumed that plugging cables to powered up interface would do the trick as "summing" the signals. Having 1-2 guitars and few analog synths.

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answered Feb 27, 2020 by michaelschweigert (140 points)
Very similar question. Having 3 synths. Standalone mode to sum channels would be great (focusrite clarett does have this feature e.g.) but highly interested in this thunderbolt3 interface. The only thing I'm struggling with, no idea if standalone works with quantum 2626.
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answered Jun 24, 2020 by warrenwinter (150 points)
I am also very eager to know the answer to this question.  PreSonus?
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answered Jun 25, 2020 by akivilkman (200 points)
No, the interface needs to be attached to a computer for it to work. Doesn’t work as mixer