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closed StudioLive SIII 32SC SD recording: Does not record audio from channel 5 and 6

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asked Mar 1, 2020 in StudioLive Series III by aeanninga (210 points)
closed Mar 15, 2020 by aeanninga

Every sunday we record our church service onto the SD card. One time I took the SLS III 32SC home with me to play around with playback from SD etc.

Since a couple of weeks now, no audio is being recorded from channel 5 and 6. There is a clear signal, audio is coming out of the mains etc. So everything works for ch. 5 and 6, audio in the recorded files. For channels 5 and 6 I have blank audio files. For all other channels I have used so far, audio is nicely being recorded (Channels 1,2,3,4,7,8 no problems)

Can it be something in the audio routing for ch.5,6  that I might have messed up while playing around? Something in the adjustments for ch.5,6? Im a bit confused as to where the problem lies.

Any suggestion is welcome


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answered Mar 12, 2020 by jonnydoyle (403,150 points)
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Ensure you digital send source for those channels is set to analog. Press select on the channel and then press the "cog" icon.
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answered Mar 15, 2020 by aeanninga (210 points)

Thank you jonnydoyle,

I forgot to mention in my question, that I used the digital stagebox NSB 16.8 in the setup. blush

But I checked the channels, and only ch. 5 and 6 were set to analog. All the other channels were set to digital.

So I set those ch. 5 en 6 also to digital (because of NSB 16.8 in the setup) and now it works.

Your answer was very helpful, it was indeed where the problem was.

Thank you