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Audiobox 1818 Popping Issue

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asked Feb 5, 2016 in AudioBox USB by Shane Barron (150 points)
recategorized Feb 18, 2016 by AlexTinsley
I'm having severe issues with popping on my recorded tracks made using the Audiobox 1818.  I've tried almost everything - here's the run down...

I began using an old PC.  I would hear popping during monitoring and during playback.  When I exported the tracks, the issues were gone.  I assumed this was simply an issue of my computer not keeping up.  Solution - I bought a new MacBook Pro and threw a solid state drive in it.
Now I'm having similar issues.  During monitoring, the audio sounds fine.  Upon playback, there are constant pops embedded in the tracks.  When I export the tracks, the popping is still there.

I'm recording into Cubase 8.  I've tried different USB cables, mics, cables, headphones, speakers, disabling WIFI, different buffer sizes, disabling all plugins, reinstalling different versions of software and drivers. I've read up on this problem online and it sounds like a common issue with these units.

I'm right in the middle of sessions and I need a solution  any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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answered Feb 5, 2016 by mattcaprio (148,070 points)
selected May 5, 2016 by mattcaprio
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What OS are you using?

Which drivers do you have installed?

If you're using OSX 10.8.5+ please install the v1.3 driver found here:


If you continue to have issues after installing the driver you'll want to completely uninstall the drivers via our guide:


Do not reinstall the drivers after removing them. This should fix the issues you're having.

If it does not, please start a support ticket.