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Very loud high-pitched squealing from all outputs audiobox 1818 when I closed Studio One 3

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asked Jan 9, 2017 in AudioBox USB by gafiga (120 points)
Hi, as the title said every time I close Studio One 3, this very loud, max volume squeal starts and doesn't stop unless you turn the Audiobox off. It is very painful when this happens with headphones on too, which was the case when I first did it. I now turn the Audio Box off before I close Studio One to avoid the problem, but seems like a good way to blow some speakers/headphones(thankfully I only had my volume at 4), plus I've only had it 2 weeks when this started soooo kind of annoyed with this.

Running all lastest Drivers from Presonus for both Studio One 3 and Audiobox, Windows 7 64x OS. Yes I have updated firmware and tried both 2.0 and 3.0 usb. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know

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answered Jan 10, 2017 by philangus (8,860 points)

Are you sure you don't have an audio loop somewhere which is then heard due to something getting unmuted when you close S1? I know my answer is a bit vague but, before I had the Studio 192, I had the 1818 and during the period whilst I was getting to know it and S1, I had the following. My V-Drums audio out phonos were wired in to 1818 inputs 5 & 6. I also had an output of the 1818 going back to the inputs of the V-Drums. This was so I could monitor S1 whilst sat at the drums with headphones. The issue was as soon as I activated record sometimes (which also activated the track's monitor), I would get a deafening burst of noise and it took me a while to work out and realise why. I have done away with the audio return to V-Drums now and just stretch my headphones over from the 192 headphone socket. So I am wondering if you have a wire routed somewhere, which you only hear the results of when you close S1, and therefore things get unmuted or enabled / disabled or re-initialised as S1 closes.

I would start by unplugging all inputs / outputs and add them back one at a time, testing it at every step.