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Can't Select Instrument or Presence with Downloaded MIDI Files

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asked May 24, 2020 in Studio One 4 by chelseatoft (120 points)
Hey all, I can't be this stupid.

I downloaded some audio files from Ghosthack this week to play with, some as .wav files and some as MIDI files. The .wav files behave without any problems, but when I try to use the MIDI files I downloaded, I get no audio. For some reason I'm not able to choose a presence or instrument for the MIDI files. The files show up, but the only option for Presence I have is >None, and the buttons corresponding with the instrument settings don't respond at all. I've tried messing with output settings in case there's virtual instrument confusion and I've tried looking for any downloads I've missed, but nothing seems to be working.

Does anyone have any ideas why my Audiobox won't play MIDI files? I'm so frustrated with this thing.

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