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Possible to "non-destructively" crop event data?

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asked Mar 6, 2020 in Studio One 4 by evanhoffman1 (120 points)
I've got a huge "song" with tons of tracks that started as one very long track and has since been broken out into individual segments. For better or worse, this was the workflow and there are lots of events with live edits that I'd really like to preserve on the timeline, and thus not bounce to a new track.

The "problem" is that these are each huge folders because most of the 2-6 minute segments have all the event data of the 25 minute project.

It seems like it's a fundamental aspect of S1 that events are unique containers that the document doesn't directly touch unless bouncing, but it would be awesome to have a crop option that shrinks an event to its boundaries in the document. I know crop-to-content exists, but this seems to crop only data on the ends of the event audio itself, not the event as it is bounded in the document.

Is there a time-convenient way to achieve this? I know I could individually bounce each event (and I may), but that's incredibly tedious.

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