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Trim event Start/End to fill selection

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asked Jun 15, 2016 in Studio One Feature Requests by IvarsKA (1,440 points)
Would love to see an option to fill gaps between events after slicing/quantization.

Now we have to pull the event start back and delete all overlaps!

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answered Jun 18, 2016 by connorholcombe (2,450 points)
This is huge. I come from using Reaper and this is the number one feature I miss. PT and Reaper both have this feature and it makes time correcting drums so much quicker and easier. Yes you can time stretch quantize in S1 to avoid this problem, however the slice and dice method generally provides more natural results. For serious drum time correction this feature would be a game changer.

For those unsure about what this request is referring to here is a video of the drum correction workflow in reaper using the slicing/quantization method along with the fill gaps feature (not my video):
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answered Feb 11, 2017 by mikesupina (6,300 points)
Yes please!!!