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ATOM & Studio One: Play Sounds While Scrolling Within The Pattern Editor

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asked Mar 8, 2020 in Atom Pad Controllers by velanche (250 points)

I am trying out ATOM for the first time this weekend; shows promise and looking forward to having more development with it. I'm a Maschine user, and I dig the integration with Studio One. I may have more requests in the future, but my immediate one involves the pattern editor, especially with drums. When the Editor is disabled, I can play the drum parts on the controller to hear the parts. But when I'm in the Editor, I don't have that kind of feedback except during playback. In the Pattern Editor, I can hear the part if I use the Paint Tool, but what I'd like to have is to also hear the drum sound as I scroll up and down the list of drum parts in a kit using the Up and Down buttons on ATOM. This would be a workflow improvement, because then I won't have to exit the Editor to press the pads and remember what a part sounds like.

I hope that makes sense. Getting ATOM is now a good excuse to get deep into Studio One.


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