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ATOM SQ: Active Editor Button Does Not Reopen Edit Window If Manually Closed

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asked Sep 7, 2020 in Atom Pad Controllers by LHandley (3,490 points)
edited Sep 10, 2020 by LHandley
I have an ATOM SQ. If I press the 'Editor' button to open the edit window, then close the window by clicking its close button in S1 while the 'Editor' button on the SQ is still lit, pressing that button again will not reopen the edit window. Why is that? I have to press some other button first, then press the 'Editor' button again for it to reopen the edit window. Further, why wouldn't the 'Editor' button open AND close the edit window, since clicking the 'Edit' button in S1 does exactly that?

I would have thought that one of the main advantages of the ATOM SQ was that it would mimic many of the functions of Studio One to limit needing to use the mouse/keyboard for certain functions. Is that not the idea?

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