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Studiolive III 32SC strong smell

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asked Nov 5, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by alekpigor (150 points)

Hey Everyone, just got my 32sc. It was a B-stock & found the delivery after a full night in the cold (2-5°C) outside.
Love this console already!

*When linking channels, the fader that follows the other seems to move in increments (not smooth).
Also when dropping the fader down to -00, the fader that follows doesn't seem to track perfectly.
I've calibrated the faders, but the "problem" still persists.

* There's a strong scent coming from the console when up & running: VOCs? / is this a regular occurrence ?

This is my first Presonus console. So maybe these things are normal with the S III?

Just wondering if mine is a faulty product. Don't think(or at least hope not) that "it" being outside in the cold for 24hrs would have effected the S III..
But the smell has got me concerned. It has decreased since the first day of operating(3days), but still persists.

Many Thanks!

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answered Nov 5, 2019 by wahlerstudios (105,310 points)
selected Nov 11, 2019 by jonnydoyle
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I think everything was said in the Facebook group, but to not let this question unanswered:

1) The StudioLive mixers/consoles do not smell at all. There is something wrong with your B-stock mixer.

2) The move of a linked fader is not smooth and there will be differences between faders behaviors. It would probably cost quite some money to make faders move smothly together... It's not a bug or a failure, it is as it is.

Send the mixer back to the shop before something gets broken or burnt inside the mixer.

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answered Apr 11, 2020 by couvr (1,040 points)
Never had this issue.It `s a new one also.