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asked Mar 19 in Studio One 4 by lodalei (160 points)

I m using M32 midi keyboard and i met this problem. I can input midi information( I mean when i play on it, there is midi input signal in the DAW) and control the DAW's mixer with knobs, also play...rec... But I can't map parameters to my keyboard, also the pedal is failed to recognize in the DAW. It is so weird. I re-install everything including my system but it still happened.

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answered Mar 20 by friDAYGC (340 points)
Same problem here only the behavior is kind of random:

- Sometimes I get 2 consecutive "Failed to load Komplete M32 MIDI" messages

- Sometimes I get 1 "Failed to load Komplete M DAW(1)", don't know why the (1) is there as I don't have any other KK keyboards

*I have the M32 connected to a powered USB hub.

Unplugging the USB from the back of the keyboard and plugging it back in works for me most of the time but not always. Also on Windows 10, on the desktop, clicking the magnifying glass and typing in "services" and then going down to the NIHostingAgent and restarting that does the trick sometimes but not always. I'd like to know the solution for this also because we shouldn't have to go through all this to use the M32 in S1.
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answered Jun 28 by andrewhoughton (160 points)
Same issue here.

I have a Komplete Kontrol A49 Midi controller keyboard.

Whenever I start Studio One and the loader list is displayed, I see two messages with skull and crossbones icons saying that it failed to Load Midi Controller Komplete Kontrol A49.

The keyboard seems to work ok but I just wonder what effect this is having.