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Update Komplete Kontrol A Series Integration

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asked Nov 12, 2019 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by artjohnson (1,370 points)

The Recent 4.5.3 update the Komplete Kontrol integration is not accurate for the A Series Keyboard. I found the following post over at Native Instruments and am having the same issues. I quote (partial entry):

"The template isn't right for A61 for switching tracks with the main encoder knob. It shows Left and Right to switch tracks, but it is actually Up and Down. Coarse adjust Pan doesn't work. You can Fine adjust with Shift+ rotary, but just turning the rotary changes the volume of the selected track. Switching rotary to control volume or pan doesn't seem to work, either."

Bear in mind we are relegated to referring to the S Series Cheat Sheet which does not accurately follow for the A Series (apparently.)  Very simply all TRANSPORT, EDIT, MUTE/SOLO, and NAVIGATION controls referenced on the left and center of the cheat sheet seem to work fine. Nothing, however, that is the MIXER CONTROL references actual function for me with my A61. 

Is somebody working on this?

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