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Work Time Counter - View total Time spent on Project / Song . How many hours spent working ? ( eg for invoice )

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asked Apr 9, 2020 in Editing by florianfreimann (4,940 points)

this is a quite simple request.

There should be a feature to see the total time spent on a Song / Project. Maybe even count together all the time spent on all songs in a project.

FL Studio has this feature under project info.

Maybe it would be cool to see futher information on what date you spent how much time...

You need it for invoices or just for fun to know.

Best wishes...

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answered Apr 10, 2020 by basemalattar (1,460 points)
This is especially useful for freelance work charged by the hour, but is also useful for our own reference.
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answered May 28, 2020 by jasonwilmans (1,490 points)
Totally upvoting this  For starters a simple timer would suffice that keeps tracking how long the editor is focused.

And it's really more than a gimmick. Invoices and similar things were already mentioned, But even before that it could be very useful to improve my creative to see how much time I spent on something, It just is more ojective.

I can see if there are areas where I need to put training in to get faster. Or if I simply am at a point where I should start finishing because I'm just gonna ruin things if I continue and so on.
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answered Jul 10, 2022 by davidking3 (150 points)
I agree, I’d love to know how long I spent on a project.

It would be a great feature!