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GUI of Air Music Tech Plugins freeze.

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asked Mar 23 in Studio One 4 by stefanfuhr (140 points)
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Hi everyone,

Update: Made a video to demonstrate the problem:

I have a pretty annoying problem with using plugins from AIR Music Tech in Studio One. This appears only in this combination of DAW / 3rd Party Plugins.

I can work just fine with the plugins from Air, just up until the point when I use another application, let's say Safari just to quickly look something up on YouTube. As soon as I go back to Studio One, every instance of any AIR plugin that I ever opened up in the song appears open. I can't close the plugins and I can't move the plugin windows, even though I am able to switch between the GUIs of the individual plugins. Even when I close the Song, the Plugin GUIs remain. I have to Quit Studio One, in order to get rid of them. It's clearly just a software glitch concerning the GUIs. I also only have the problem in Studio One. In Protools these Plugins behave normal.

This is really annoying!

Is anyone experiencing the same issue?

Is there a fix to this problem?

Thank You!

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