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My serial number is not working

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asked Mar 23 in AudioBox USB by rogerschuettke (120 points)
I have tried registering my hardware and the serial number is not working. When I try to register it the screen reads:

"It looks like you're trying to register an AudioBox 96, but you may be entering some characters wrong. The 3rd character should be a 'zero', the fourth should be a capital 'i', and the fifth should be another 'zero.' If you entered these incorrectly, please cancel and enter the correct characters. Otherwise, click OK to continue registering."

I click okay and it says the product is not found.

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answered Mar 31 by siirihimberg (140 points)
I have the same problem. How did you proceed?
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answered May 5 by erwinashleydalang (180 points) said that the seriel number was already registered
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answered May 12 by enochstanley (140 points)
ya even i am having the same issue
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answered Jun 25 by aramiscruz (160 points)
same problem with my new presonus 96... How is possible that my serial number was already registered? Will try to call tomorrow.