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How to record JamOrigin Midi Guitar 2 through Loopmidi in Studio One 3 without buying add-on VST plugin

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asked Mar 26, 2020 in Studio One 4 by wanchannel (120 points)

Currently, I can play and hear Jam Origin (JO) Midi Guitar 2 connected through virtual Loopmidi port to Studio One 3.

I have selected Loopmidi port as JO Midi output. In Studio One 3, I choose 'New Instrument" in External Device Configuration and make Loopmidi port as input / 'Received from'.

I created a new audio track and can see the signal signs. In order to record the Midi Guitar, I also created an instrument track and choose the input as 'New Instrument'.

However, during playback, I can only hear the original guitar sound but not the Midi. I also noticed there was no Midi signal being created in the instrument track.

Is it mandatory to install VST plugin add-on or is there some other way to record the JO Midi Guitar 2 (through Loopmidi) in Studio One 3  ?

Appreciate community advice. Thanks.

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