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How do i resolve the recording issue with my studio one 4 artist

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asked Mar 27, 2020 in Studio One 4 by philipnwanz (170 points)
I have been unable to record an audio with my aduiobox96 ever since i bought it last year December 2019. Up till now the issue still persists and i've read every article on how to fix it but it's not been of help. How do i resolve it?

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answered Mar 28, 2020 by aka_busker (25,510 points)

To help others help you, you might want to be a little more descriptive and include some of your specs like cpu, ram, Operating system, audio interface connection (usb 2 or 3).

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answered Jul 28, 2020 by johnnybenj (140 points)
I have been having the same problem. I have tried 3 microphones and presonus barely picks up the audio. I have spent over 2 hours debugging, matching the sample rate of the mic in the windows properties with the studio settings, reset up the microphone over and over in the audio set up, restarting with each mic. (one was a headset mic, another a standard usb mic and the default laptop microphone). I even unplugged the laptop to run on battery good grief. I just get a buzzing noise and barely audible sound under the buzzing. On some microphones I can slightly hear the sound better coming in and others just buzzing.

I am running a fairly new laptop (a little over a year old) with windows 10, intel i7 cpu, 16 gig of ram. All of the microphones run completely fine in other applications. I have to load out files and bring them into audacity just to record audio.
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answered Jul 29, 2020 by ameedqafiti (300 points)

Go into Studio One>Options>Locations>User Data and try to change your user data folder.  This issue can happen if the program is unable to write to your User Data location

you can share a screen shot of what you have in this part.